As more cities and nations move towards the legalization of cannabis, the opening of dispensaries and offices are accelerating at a rapid rate.

Weedsly does not fall short as they welcome the new cannabis office, read on to find out about the new location.

What is Weedsly?

First off, it is your safe, trusted, and reliable source of cannabis products for your medical and recreational purposes. Despite its steady increase in offices throughout, Weedsly offers delivery to any city in the United States. Whether you’re in California or Boston, the provider delivers.

Aside from a wide delivery scope, Weedsly understands the privacy and preferences of their current and potential customers. Read on to recognize what to expect from the service and provider.

For the potential customers, Weedsly carries many products to cater towards your cannabis needs that will be delved into, in no time.

Where is the New Weedsly Cannabis Office Located?

We’ve been working on finding the perfect location and decided on Officine on/off

for Weedsly’s new cannabis office. There is no better place than Italy for our second office.

As a new business hub of Europe we thought there was no better place.

Our main headquarters are located in Arizona. Some of the recent states to legalize marijuana are South Dakota, New Jersey, Arizona, and more. We wanted to be close to the action.

Let’s get into the US and Italian statistics:

  • 83% of patients requested to grow their own marijuana for medicinal purposes
  • April 2019: Approximately 113,000 applications submitted for medicinal cannabis
  • Sales of medicinal cannabis grew by 36% in 2019

New Cannabis Office in Officine on/off: Weedsly

Featured Products

Regardless of your intended use and purpose, Weedsly delivers and displays weed carts and Kingpen cartridges. At the moment, there are four best-selling Kingpen cartridges of 1Gram Cannabis THC, starting at $60.00 each.

The Kingpen Super Lemon Haze tastes like tart and lemon with a sweet finishing taste. The Sativa has uplifting cerebral effects — lively and energetic.

Another Sativa, the Kingpen Cali-O gives a clear-headed high with new levels of relaxation. With taste, it resembles a sweet, orange, and tropical taste.

Tasting like Earth, pine, and citrus, the Kingpen Skywalker-OG of Indica presents a pleasant mellow of calm and relaxation.

Lastly, the Kingpen Jilly Bean is sweet with citrus and tropical fruit tastes, with a consistent, balanced high with a hint of relaxation.

What to Expect

Despite the legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana, many citizens are weary of the packaging of their marijuana products, like THC oil or flower.

As previously mentioned, Weedsly values the privacy and preferences of their current and future customers. With this, your products from Weedsly will be delivered in a white, unlabeled, bubble-lined envelope made out of cardboard. To further emphasize “unlabeled,” there is absolutely no mention of cannabis or marijuana on the outer packaging when it arrives at your doorstep.

This applies to any delivery from Weedsly to any state in the United States.

Weedsly Business Hours

With Weedsly’s new cannabis office in Arizona, the hours of operation are the typical 8AM to 10PM.

On the other hand, the direct in-store and curbside pick-ups from the new office are from 8AM to 11PM.

However, take note, online orders are rolling 24 hours, 7 days a week, with fast, reliable, safe shipping.

Go with Weedsly for your cannabis needs today!

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